International Conference on Overseas Community Affairs (ICOCA)

1. Background
Globalization has been the trend of the past decadeThe traditional definition of “borders” with other countries is fast disappearing; the international exchange of talent and capital has been increasing and has also become a hot topic for discussion. 
Overseas community affairs was divided into overseas community liaison service, Chinese education and overseas community economy and etc., however, in order to keep up with the globalization, the definition and structure of how overseas community affairs are divided should be re-defined.To promote overseas community affairs in this globalized village, OCAC had re-evaluated the strategies from cross-strait cold war period, and took note on valuable policies, while starting to promote open discussions to better suit the situation facing us today.
International Conference on overseas Community Affairs was planned to create effective possibilities regarding overseas community affairs. Through discussion panels, we hope to allow overseas communities, overseas community affairs experts, scholars and workers as well as government units to elevate the strength of our dialogue, stimulate thinking and help establishing future policies, arrangements and development.

2. Objectives
ICOCA is expected to fulfill the following objectives:
(1)   Encourage academic research of overseas community affairs
(2)   Provide a platform for both domestic and overseas researchers to present their research results

3. Topic
New way of thinking in the globalization of overseas community affairs

4. Method
Overseas community affairs scholars, experts, and related government staff and units both domestic and overseas are invited to explain the past, present and future development of overseas community policies by writing a thesis, giving a speech or participating in a discussion panel, and to provide the latest information and research on overseas community policies, analysis of overseas communities, overseas community culture, economics, education and development, as well as overseas community benefits, moving situation, mainland China overseas community policies and other related projects.

5. Time 
Monday and Tuesday, December 2nd& 3rd, 2013

6. Location
National Taiwan University International Convention Center at 2 Xuzhou Road, Chung Cheng district, Taipei city

7. Conference Format
3 speeches on specific topics, 4 thesis presentations and 1 experience sharing session

8. Participants
Estimated 300 people including
(1) Overseas
a. Scholars and experts on overseas community affairs
b. Leader of overseas communities and associations
c. Influential figures from relevant organizations

(2) Domestic
a. Scholars and experts on overseas community affairs
b. Representatives from relevant government units
c. University professors and students of politics, diplomacy, public administration, law, history, sociology, literature and Chinese language related majors, as well as teachers and students who studied teaching, overseas community affairs and Chinese language training courses and etc.

9. Participation
(1) Invitation: recommendation needed by OCAC, representative offices and culture centers overseas, as well as seminar organizers.
(2) Open to public
(3) All participants need to complete the registration in advance.

10. Expected benefits
(1) Enriched overseas community affairs scope of work with the integration of academic research and practical experience
(2) Keep overseas community affairs projects up to date, and establish a comprehensive strategy and a seamless service network
(3) Pass on experience and gather intellectual assets; elevate the quality and value of overseas community affairs projects

(4) Develop and execute policies in order to expand our services to the new generation of overseas communities